Shilpa Rangnekar is a conceptual artist working with a multidisciplinary approach for socially engaged art and research practices.She is particularly interested in observations of everyday life and associated behaviors which either comes out in the form of utilitarian Art, food performances or very expressive and engaging community oriented projects. Her consistent engagement with the implications of language and its reflection on human conduct are most recurring visuals in her works.

Since 2010, Shilpa has been working as a coordinating artist for Sandarbh-a context for experimenting with artistic processes, and exploring new modalities of viewership and public participation in art. This involvement has helped her develop projects in collaboration with communities based on dialogical and participatory practice.One of her recent project for Sandarbh was also supported by Creative Encounters: A cultural partnership between Asia and Europe. Shilpa has travelled extensively to Germany, South Korea, and the USA participating in several international residencies.

She has post graduated from Hyderabad Central University in 2008 with MVA in Painting and holds a BFA in Painting from M.S.U, Baroda (2005).

Shilpa lives and works in Jaipur, India.



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