Shilpa Rangnekar
Artist & Coordinating Artist (Sandarbh)

MVA in Painting, S.N school- Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad, India (2008)
BFA in Painting, MSU Baroda, India (2005)

Culture Kitchen Archive (Ongoing), Partapur, India (2016)
Equilibrium (in collaboration with Sandarbh, BLVS and Walpodenakademie), Partapur, India (2014)
Shop@Sandarbh, Walpodenakademie, Mainz, Germany (2013)
Monolith (with Lochan Upadhyay, Bhrigu Sharma), Baroda, Gujarat, India (2009-2010)

Future of Food, Bemis Centre for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, USA (2015)
Jaipur Chapter: Sandarbh International Artist Residency, Jaipur, India (2012)
Yatoo international Artist Residency, Gongju, South Korea (2012)
Sandarbh Artist Residency, Partapur, India (2010)
Hope (with Pratham-NGO), Delhi, India (2009)
Kanoria centre of Arts, Ahmedabad, India (2008)
Site Specific Workshop, HCU, Hyderabad, India (2007) Mentor- Julia Neuenhausen
Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, India (2005)
Narratives: conceptual illustrations, IDC- IIT, Mumbai, India (2004)

Solo Exhibition
Identify it. Share it. Eat it. Live it., Garden of the Zodiac gallery, Omaha, USA(2015)

Group exhibitions
Benefit Art Auction, Bemis Centre for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, USA (2015)
Museum Night, Walpodenakademie, Mainz, Germany (2013)
Baroda March, Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai, India (2012)
The Hub Show, Fine Arts Gallery, MSU, Baroda, India (2009)
Facets of Faces, Open Eyed Dreams, Cochin, India (2009)
Chupa Rastam (Co curator), Monolith Studio, Baroda, India (2009)
Gallery at Home, Bhopal, India (2006)

Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Arts Network Asia (ANA) in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles (TEH) for project Equilibrium((in collaboration with Sandarbh, BLVS and Walpodenakademie)

Tapi festival, Surat, India (2016)

Artist Talks
Wilson Memorial Lecture Series, University of Omaha,Omaha, USA (2015)