Desire Fool Cupcakes

Desire Fool Cupcakes | Edible installation | 120 pieces of steamed cakes | Garden of the Zodiac Gallery | Omaha, US | 2015

Taking visual references from the cupcake culture in America, 121 hand-made savory cupcakes using an Indian recipe. A print was placed on a table with a pattern made out of words (desires) collected from people of Omaha. Each cupcake was placed on a desire, and viewers were asked to select any and eat, thinking of consuming that desire. The viewers were unaware of the people who wrote them, which in return opened up new conversations around shared desires.
The work was an attempt to understand the perception of a desire by using the faculties of sight, smell and taste.

The work was part of the exhibition Identify it. Share it. Eat it. Live it. at Garden of the Zodiac gallery, Omaha.

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