Eat your choice

Eat Your Choice (555) | Edible Installation| Garden of the Zodiac Gallery| Omaha, US | 2015

Eat your choice takes reference from Norman Anderson’s likableness ratings of 555 personality trait adjectives. 555 handmade pieces of Modak, a sweet were arranged on shelves on walls. Each modak was labeled with one of the personality trait adjective and viewers were asked to select one of the qualities and consume it through the sweet.
The work aimed at observing the approach that viewers incorporate while making a personal choice in a social space and consuming it through a medium of food.
Modaks are sweets generally made in specific numbers (11,21,51,101,501..) as a ritualistic offering in some communities in India.

The work was part of the exhibition Identify it. Share it. Eat it. Live it. at Garden of the Zodiac gallery, Omaha.

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