Presence | Yatoo International Artist Residency, South Korea | 2011

My stay in Wongol, amidst the nature, was a sensitive experience. The calmness and quiet atmosphere make one conscious of every sound and every being around. Getting up every day and looking at the beautiful green hills and farms surrounding us, eventually became a part of our everyday routine. Capturing the beauty through photographs, taking long walks or just admiring its beauty, were like a series of conversations between the nature and me. These conversations were more to be felt and the works that I did here were more like giving visual to these conversations. The work is a performance based that saw the involvement of the local people in Wongol, as well as artists from around.

Soy seeds were sown in Wooden pots and were gifted to various people whom I met during the one-month stay. These pots were to be taken care of and brought back for the exhibition as a part of the display, which eventually brought people from different backgrounds together,leading to new conversations.5     4

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