Mute conversations

Mute Conversations | Yatoo international artist residency, South Korea | 2012

The artist residency at Wongol, South Korea presented a challenge in engaging the local community due to language barrier.

Dominated by Farmers’ community, Wongol is  a very small village with mostly old people as residents. Without a common language to communicate, it was difficult to start a conversation. It was only through gestures that a dialogue could begin. Frequent visits to their fields and living spaces got us acquaintance with each other. An exchange of old working gloves for new ones was something like a giving a memory to these wordless conversations.

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  1. Very much impressed with your works and interested in talking to you more while I am in Omaha. Your work in the Bemis today seems perfect for an exhibit I am working towards. Thank you for sharing your performance today. I hope to be back to the Bemis this week. If you would have time to meet, would you kindly let me know.

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